Dick Butkus Foundation; Dr Larry Santora and Free Heart Scans for Veterans: Chicago Sun-Times

“Probably the single most important test in Medicine!”

Renowned Cardiologist and Author Dr. Larry Santora of Orange County partnered with the Dick Butkus Foundation to obtain sponsors for Free Heart Scans that are periodically made available for our military Veterans,not just UMAVA members (United Mexican-American Veterans Association).

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“I did my heart scan, and the actual procedure took about 10 minutes, and about 30 minutes to fill out the paperwork.  I highly recommend it, as this has given me more information and peace of mind…

‘The Mammogram for the Heart’ – This Heart Scan is a very cost-effective, non-invasive efficient procedure that can give you peace of mind, and which may keep you from unnecessarily spending money on drugs (which can sometimes harm your liver or kidneys) if you do NOT have calcium plaque build up in your heart or arteries.” – UMAVA Commander Francisco J. Barragan.

Leo (Imaging Technician); and Rina Santora RN

Description and Indications:

Some doctors call the EBCT Scan procedure the “mammogram of the heart” because of its capability of detecting heart disease at an early stage. The EBCT Scan is a simple non-invasive test used for early detection of heart disease. With early detection and modifying your risk factors, the potential for advanced heart disease may be significantly reduced and in some cases reversed.

Latest research shows that coronary calcium detected by EBCT predicts heart attack risk more than all the traditional risk factors. This holds true for woman, men, whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Refer to EBCT Research section for these studies.

The EBCT Scan is a painless test that takes about 10 minutes. The process is similar to taking an x ray of your body. An individual lies on the scanner table and multiple images of the heart are taken. A cardiologist from the Orange County Heart Institute then interprets these images to determine the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries.

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To qualify for the FREE Heart Scan: Must be a military veteran, between the age of 40-60 years, and no history of heart problems – Let them know you learned about this from UMAVA.

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